Tony was born in 1986, in Mexico City. He immigrated in 1988 with both of his parents. He was raised in the city of Anaheim, as a kid he would draw, trace the low lows, bombs and Chicano art from the lowrider Arte Magazines. Little did he know he would be making art a career. Things don’t go as planned in life. We all go through storms and we all have obstacles. Some, we create and some we have no control over.At 19 years old, Facing a 50 years to life prison sentence was a life changing experience. Its really tough for anyone to handle this at a young age. It makes you mentally strong or it can break a person. Tony has always been mentally tough,He didn’t let this define his  future.  He took accountability for his actions and was ready to face the consequences. By the Grace of God, he was able to beat those charges and was only sentenced to 5 years state prison. Given a second chance, he was determined to make the best of it and not be a statistic to the system.

During his incarceration, he was 

introduced to tattooing (I do not recommend you go to prison to learn)

He would draw on envelopes and sell them to other inmates, his cellmate encouraged him to take up tattooing and let him do his first one on his leg. πŸ™

When he was released, he sought out an apprenticeship with no luck that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream and goals. He kept tattooing and working odd jobs to feed his family.

The break came in 2013, when he had already built up a portfolio from tattooing on friends family and strangers. LOL, this was life changing for him since then he’s been able to tattoo at expos across the country and internationally. 

He attends expos throughout the year and does Guest spots in NYC,Seattle and Boston 4 times a year. 

When not tattooing, Tony enjoys time with his family and creating art working in Oil painting and charcoal art.

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Cover up tattoo of a scar that goes across the arm

Cover up tattoo of a scar that goes across the arm